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GFN: Focus Is On Governance, Not The 2010 Elections, Yet

May 13, 2008

The Global Filipino Nation group issued a statement to news media apparently seeking to clarify reports that GFN was forming a political party for the 2010 elections. Here is the statement sent our by one of the GFN CONFERENCE organizers, Ms. Nelia Lim:

“In a constructive move aimed at moving the country forward, the Global Filipino Nation (GFN) has launched the “Good Governance Movement & Coalition”. The recently concluded international conference on “Building the Global Filipino Nation for Good Governance”, held at the University of Makati, overwhelmingly supported the pursuit of good governance as a strategy to get the nation on a sustained development path.

GFN is an international association of global Filipino organizations and leaders, their onshore families, and onshore Filipinos with a global mindset – all committed to pursue good governance in the Homeland. The movement is anchored on the economic empowerment of global Filipinos, the resolution of the most urgent social issues facing migrants and their families, and the political empowerment of the marginalized majority of global Filipinos and their families.

The international conference included all sectors of society, except those who do not respect the rule of law and use violence to effect change, and “traditional” parties and politicians who are generally viewed as elements that impede change. Included among the conference participants were leaders from major overseas Filipino organizations, OFW/migrant rights advocacy, farmers, labor, business, NGOs, academe, think tanks, media, culture and arts, grassroots organizers, banking and investments, consulting, youth, indigenous peoples, foundations and law.

GFN conference participants have a firm conviction that the majority of the people want change but are unable at the moment to translate that desire for change into concrete action programs to effect change. The movement launched by GFN will focus on good governance and its all-encompassing scope and reach.

There is the surging awareness and realization that change is, indeed, possible if the majority that desire change are bound by the unified goal of good governance. If that marked unity of purpose is translated into a common action plan, then demanding high standards of leadership of public officials will mark the beginning of potential changes in elective positions at the national and local levels.
GFN conference participants deliberated on the idea of directly forming a party. However, they felt that it is premature to form a party. There are other implications to reckon with. As GFN assembles a critical mass of members and supporters committed to good governance, there is need to maintain neutrality with respect to party affiliation.
GFN will build an alliance with non-traditional parties, aimed at rapidly growing the critical of supporters of good governance. Once the critical mass is gathered, stakeholders will decide the optimum strategy for political action.”

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