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Ordinary Filipinos Made To Pay For Electricity They Don’t Use

May 13, 2008

The news media is finally reporting what many Filipinos have long felt: they are literally “being cooked in their own lard, while power utilities like MERALCO and the state-owned National Power Corporation are all allowed by law to pass on to consumers all their expenses and even financial losses.

Without batting an eyelash, the officials of the two entities told the marathon hearing of the Joint Congressional Power Committee that it is absolutely legal for for them to make hard-pressed ordinary Filipinos pay for systems losses, pilfered electricity, and yes, even the electricity they use for their day to day operations, meaning their cost of doing business.

MERALCO, with its lawyer, the revered Atty. Christian Monsod, unblinkingly admits close to half a billion pesos in the firm’s own power bills are paid by Juan dela Cruz.

And yes, this is ALL LEGAL with the approval, to boot,of the Rnergy Regulatory Commission.

With our hands raised in surrender, MAY WE JUST ASK, IN ALL EXASPERATION, IS THIS MORAL?

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