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Back From European Holiday, Energy Regulation Chief Imitates Pontius Pilate

May 19, 2008

Reliable. Efficient. Affordable. With these buzzwords, the chairman of the quasi-judicial Energy Regulatory Commission, former congressman Rodolfo Albano, (yes, the same gentleman who first cut his teeth in the political arena as a bright boy of Ferdinand E. Marcos) returned earlier today from a European vacation with Amsterdam as last stop, and promptly declared the ERC is not to blame for the unmitigated increase in power generation and transmission rates, along with the braze, albeit legal, ability of MERALCO to make ordinary Filipinos pay for electricity they do not use, but which are used by firms like MERALCO in their own operations.

“Don’t blame us,” Albano declared. “Blame it on the laws which have not been amended by Congress.”

You have to hand it to functionaries like Albano. Never mind if the laws, through time, have emerged to be unjust and inimical to the interests of the greater number.

So now we know. Never mind if the laws are unjust and immoral, so long as our lawmakers have not seen it fit to purge such laws from the statue books.

Asa pa tayo? (Should we even hope?)

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