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Like Movie Re-Runs:The RCBC Robbery Massacre Aftermath

May 24, 2008

We’ve heard and seen these all before, the latest press reports on the police ‘follow-up operations’ to track down the demons who massacred 10 (or is it 11?) in the RCBC bank branch right inside the Laguna industrial Park.

The relatives of the 4 slain ‘suspects’ are all denouncing their kins’ deaths as rub-outs, the Commission on Human Rights will investigate, while police are insisting the men where killed as they tried to shoot it out with lawmen.

Whose version will the public believe and where will all these bring our current state of affairs?

Certainly no better then they were before: ordinary citizens living in fear of their lives, justice remaining unserved and the victims’ senseless deaths unavenged.

Paano na nga ba, Pilipinas, kong mahal? (How will we move on, Philippines, my dear?)

The saddest commentary perhaps is that most Filipinos are left asking this rhetorical question, resigned to the fact that the government of the day cannot provide the answers, given the seeming paucity in its credibility, will, and vision.

Until proven otherwise with transparency integrity, and readiness to account for its actions while updolding the national interests and civil rights of Juan Dela Cruz.

Just ask those lining up for high-priced rice, the homeless, the schoolchildren with no classrooms, and the employeed of the National Economic Development Authority, and the more than 2,300 Filipinos who leave the Philippines each day literally draining the nation of its best and brightest.

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