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Governmental Pa-‘Consuelo De Bobo’

June 8, 2008

Posing as if it were ‘a knight in shining armor’ the politician-led Energy Regulatory Board ( is belatedly ‘making amends’ and has just ordered MERALCO to refund some P2.7B in electricity meter deposits (read, illegal extractions) collected from hapless power consumers dating back to the 90’s plus interest.

But don’t chear yet. Readinng the usual ‘fine print’, explained by Mr. Rodolfo Albano, the rebate guidelines reveal that distribution utilities will have all of 66 months within which to cough up the refunds. According to MERALO’s spokesman, old friend Elpi Cuna, most households will anyway just prefer that their refunds be off set against their ever increasing bill. all properly bloated by payments for the old reliable systems losess, along with VAT on those loses which accrue to the ever useful National Treasury.

So this simply means none of the ‘beneficiaries will really feel the refund..

What better to ensure that the national deficit is kep in check ‘for the benefit’ of Juan dela Cruz. We wonder what our colleague Patricio Maangut over at has to say about this?

And while the ERC Is blaring out it’s pa-consuelo de bobo for us, the liberalized oil firms, big and small players all have just announced the new increase in retail gas prices, bring the total upsurge since January to P8 for gasoline and for diesel prices to P9 per liter.

Coming next, the ‘automatic’ jump in food prices and other consumer goods, mandated, of course by that most popular law of upply and demand which, goes one old political joke, a revered late leader wanted “to abolish.”

Time to punch another hole on our belst to tighten them while we scrounge, if not beg, for the next meal.

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