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Sounding The Alarm: The Lifting of Term Limits

June 9, 2008

The father of the local government code, who is also foremost advocate of the shift to a federal system of government, is sounding the alarm bells against what he sees as an insidious maneuver by legislative minions of the sitting president, wittingly or unwittingly.

As the Business Mirror reports. Pimentel (who was President Cory Aquino’s first, and highly unpopular secretary of local government) is opposing “any move to extend the the term of President Arroyo by using the proposed federal system as contained under Joint Resolution 10 that was backed by at least 16 senators.”

The Business Mirror report, by-lined by veteran political correspondent Butch Fernandez, says Pimentel “voiced fears such a move will only undermine or even spell the death of the federalism proposal because it is obvious that the Filipino people want to directly elect a new Chief Executive.”

So Pimentel has good reason, indeed to sound the alarm.

But what the goos senator does not say, however is the other danger: that when Congress is convened as a constituent assembly to tackle the federal system the temptation will only be too strong for our lawmakers-cum-framers-of-the-new-Constitution to resist lifting the term limits on themselves… along with local executives!

Is such rewriting comes to pass, what will it really do to our supposed representative democracy. Will this be an act of political sodomy? An all too obvious ‘black suede-ing’ of the Filipino electorate??!!

Another element that could creep in once the full blown overhaul of the Constitution is left to the learned men and women of a constituent assembly, instead of a separately elected Constitutional Convention, is the sell-out of our national patrimony.

Of course, some analysts are correctly saying that this sell-out is already taking place, albeit on a piece meal basis, as evidenced by the events in the Spratlys and the way parts of the former Subic Naval Base, including its virgin forests are being covered by generation-long leases to foreign interests.

All in tribute to the altar of money, money. money.

Did we hear somebody shout rape?

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