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Cutting Corners, Slitting Throats

June 30, 2008

The lawyers of Sulpicio Lines are now engaged in a ‘he said, she said routine’, blaming each other for the “mistaken” loading of the killer chemical endosulfan on death ship Princess of the Stars.

Sulpicio claims Del Monte did not properly report that it was shipping highly toxic cargo while Del Monte says it contracted for the 10 metric tons of endosulfan to be put aboard another Sulpicio , the MV Princess of Paradise and not Princess of the Stars.

Sulpicio, with its credibility very few will bet on, lamely counters it used Princess of the Stars because Del Monte labeled its cargo for ‘rush delivery’ because the Paradise “was undergoing maintenance.”

So this time while the fifth Sulpicio boat to meet with tragedy in two decades was not overloaded, the death ship was, unknown to its doomed passengers, loaded with poison of the extreme kind.

An emerging twist as well is that the pesticide isn’t even supposed to be in the Philippines, it being a banned substance.

But one news dispatch from an anti-pesticide activist group in Kuala Lumpur has disclosed that the Department of Agriculture’s Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority had given multinational firms Dole and Del Monte special exemptions to import them into the Philippines. One other story says the shipment now locked inside the wreck of Princess of the Stars had come all the way from Israel.

We appear to have a clear case of throats being slit because someone decided it was good for business to cut corners.

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