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Blank Sulpicio SPAs Exposed; Firm Denies, Will Investigate

July 3, 2008

The Blank Sulpicio SPA Exposed

What may be an attempt by Sulpicio Lines to avoid massive damage suits from the families of the victims in the Sibuyan Sea tragedy has been exposed, with the Public Attorneys Office discovering blank Special Power of Attorney (SPA) forms being given to unsuspecting claimants.

The Justice Department has warned the grieving relatives not to sign any such forms while local officials in Romblon are not threatening to initiate a class action suit against the shipping line.

The bare faced maneuver, whoever is behind it is being denied by Sulpicio’s lawyer who says the shipping firm will investigate those behind the distribution of the alleged Sulpicio document.

But the documents, on their face, expose the dark machination.

In the meantime, Sulpicio has, indeed begun compensating those claimants who have accepted reality and are eager to get on with the lives, albeit missing one or more of their kin through no fault of their own.

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