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An Interesting COMELEC ‘Assurance’ On The ARMM Elections :)

July 7, 2008

Without being overly critical we are tracking a rather curious assurance from the affable spoksman of the Commission on Election, James Jimenez.

In a quote which appears to be accurate, Jimenez is said to have told reporters that the public can rest assured “there be no automated cheating” in the upcoming elections in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

He said there would be “no human intervention” in the elections given that the two technology service providers engaged by the poll body, Smartmatic-Sahi Technology Inc. and Avante International Technology Inc. will, all in all, deploy some 5,000 ‘direct recording electronic units’ and ‘optical mark readers’.

We say curious because Jimenez, with no pun intended, may have inadvertently conceded that human intervention in previous ARMM polls suffered from such human intervention to allow cheating!

Appreciating his statement from another perspective, Jimenez could be misunderstood to be saying that “there could be cheating but it would not be ‘wholesale’.

To be fair, we are sure the young and media-friendly COMELEC spokesman meant neither of these naughty interpretations

To Atty. Jimenez, Chairman Jose Melo, and the newly appointed COMELEC commissioners go these writer’s best wishes for their success, and that of the ARMM polls.

A final note: we trawled through the usually reliable Internet and and repeated searches for the websites of either of the two IT companies contracted for the balloting and our search yielded negative results. Hmmmm.

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