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GMA’s Upcoming SONA: Where is RP Headed?

July 17, 2008

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will be delivering the penultimate State Of the Nation Address (SONA) of her presidency on July 28, premised on the constitutionally-mandated timetable for the next presidential elections in May 2010.

So in key giant billboard positions in metropolitan Manila, the theme of Mrs. Arroyo’s SONA is being announced: Ekonomiya.

Here the government spinmeisters are, more or less, right on the nose, where ultimately the time-worn phrase, “It’s the economy, dummy!” is what defines any goverrnment’s legacy to the presumed sovereign electorate.

But people are asking if indeed it is the economy, then why have they not been feeling the on-the-ground quality-of-life-uplifting-effects of the 5-plus percent per annum economic growth rate that the Philippines has been racking up?

Why is it that as poverty and inflation are climbing, the much demonized ‘C’ word, corruption, is much in evidence.

List the still unresolved ZTE-NBN scandal, the questions about the North Rail project, and now the revelations about the near P1-billion coal importation contract award of the National Power Corporation, plus the generous P1-B donation by the Winston Garcia-led GSIS, and the discovery of 200,00) cavans of NFA rice left rotting in a warehouse in Iloilo while thousands line up like beggars to buy government-imported rice?

The people are asking where is the Philippines headed with this current state of the nation? WHERE?

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