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Goodbye ABC, Hello TV 5: RP’s 3rd-Rating Network Rebrands Itself

July 28, 2008

The highly competitive Philippine broadcasting sector, TV in particular, is in for exciting times.

Long tagged as the third-rating network, the Associated Broadcasting Company which has changed management three times dating back from its founding pre-martial law years, is re-branding itself in a big way.

Current owner and top honcho Antonio ”Tonyboy’ Cojuangco is nursing his network back to health with a major re-programming push and strategic partnership with Media Prima Berhad, described as “the largest integrated media investment group” in Malaysia.

The group’s own website says the group “has a diversified interest in both the electronic and print media apart from content development and outdoor advertsing.”

A highly placed source in ABC management confirmed to At Midfield that the Malaysians will be coming in as major independent program providers, block-timers, as they are called in the industry, with the goal of infusing hiigh quality youth-oriented programs to strengthen ABc’s market position and eventually give traditional leaders ABS-CBN and GMA Network the proverbial run for their money.

My source clarfies, however, that that while ABC is being rebranded and re-launched as TV 5, its cornerstone commitment to, and tradition, in news and public affairs will remain.

That tradition dates back to the time when ABC was the broadcast jewel of the Roces family and the original Manila Times group, the the pre-martial law top-rating newscast The Big News anchored by Jose Mari Velez.

After the EDSA revolution, ABC re-opened, this time owned by the flambouyant programming genius, recently deceased Edward U. Tan. Several years ago, Tan sold controlling interest to Mr. Cojuangco.

ABC’s sprawling complex on Quirino Avenue in Novaliches remains equipped with top-of-the line equipment, including the news department’s.

The network’s new Malaysian programming partners describe their own media properties as “best-of-the-breed”, so it really bears watching if that same quality will carry over and be well received by the Filipino palate.

Happy hunting, TV5!

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  1. rex permalink
    July 29, 2008 9:31 pm

    I don’t think they can make it to defeat the long-time dominant and juggernaut of Ph TV ABS-CBN and even GMA who’s very competitive as well… Hmm.. I wish them a very very good luck!! Good luck TV5!

  2. August 14, 2008 8:37 am

    TV 5 is a better option when it comes to watching tv shows. Not totally original but still more interesting and innovative than the other networks. One comment though.. why not dub the penguin anime show, Pingu, into more intelligible words coz my toddler watches that show and he is immitating the penguin blabbers. it is not good for toddlers who are at a stage of massive speech learning.

  3. LoPEzCouNzEL permalink
    September 9, 2008 10:47 pm

    GO GO GO GO!!!!!!! TV-5
    GO GO GO GO!!!!!! ABS-CBN
    kiLL aLL KapUsOy

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