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Comparing The Bangsamoro Juridical Entity and USAID Projects Maps

August 13, 2008

My favorite ‘explainer’ of this generation, Manuel L. Quezon III posted a very interesting map in his site the other day, that of the aid projects in Mindanao of the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

I did not think much of it at first, being aware that USAID has really been focusing on the southern Philippines. This  given the reality that the Unites no longer has military bases in the Philippines and d that for at least 7 years now what it has are forward-deployed troops with the focus on George W.  Bush’s global war on terror.

It is also American foreign and military policy to maintaingforward deployment of it carrier battle groups with the nuclear-powered aircraft carriers actually being floating, highly mobile, and self-contained military bases able to rush to global flashpoints when so ordered by the White House.

The reality also is that even American Special Forces soldiers are right in the front lines of the continuing pursuit of the Abu Sayyaf in Sulu with there even being a joint command structure where American military advisers literallty call the shots now unlike during the times of JUSMAG, the Joint US  Military Action Group in the heydays of Clark and Subic bases

This writer also knows how generous American aid went into the building of the airport in General Santos City along with work in Cagayan de Oro.

In the wake of the current uproar over the GRP-MILF MoA-AD on the creation of a Bangsamoro Juridical Entity, I decided to look at the maps more closely.

Side by side, it is not hard to see that they are almost mirror images of each other.

This is more than a curious coincidence but apparently part of a larger design.

The Philippines is being carved out, indeed.

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