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August 14, 2008

This writer is cross-posting this from the Business Mirror which today yielded its own editorial space to share with its readers the privileged speech delivered yesterday by Makati congressman Teodoro ‘Teddy Boy’ Locsin.

Here. Locsin succinctly labels what that GRP-MILF MoA-AD is really about and where GMA’s Cha-cha train is headed. Teddy Boy’s message: STOP THE TRAIN.

“IF the purpose of Charter change is to accommodate the memorandum of agreement between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), it should be stopped by any means. And I mean any.

No amount of Charter change, however large the scale of public approval, will ever make it right. Heck, if all but one Filipino were to vote to give away a part of our country so that it becomes a separate country, they would all be wrong and a singular voice opposing it would be right. No people, even unanimously, I dare say, can vote away their own country. This would be sovereign suicide.

Our country was there, not just for our forefathers who wrenched its independence from the US, nor is it just for us who inherited it; our country is for all time, while our race exists, so that no generation can give away the next one’s birthright to a country of their own, let alone its freedom.

Even this generation of Muslims cannot vote away the democracy that is the next generation’s birthright. A democracy and a sultanate cannot coexist, except as two different countries, which is inconceivable.

Giving away the country or part of it is beyond the contemplation of any constitution, which cannot pull the territorial rug from under its own feet. Just as no amount of popular vote can install a constitutional dictatorship in place of a democracy, no matter what a craven and corrupt Supreme Court said. That, too, is sovereign suicide. A country precedes its constitution; and a spring cannot rise higher than its source.

Federalism prescribes a dispersal and subdivision of governmental functions and authorities, but it always assumes a single country. That is why the federal United States went into a civil war to preserve the Union. The only way for a country to split up or break off at the margins is to go to war with itself. So it was in Yugoslavia. East Germany was the most advanced communist country, West Germany the most successful capitalist state; they grew apart as two diametrically opposed countries. But, first chance, they reunited at tremendous cost. The mystic bonds of memory cannot be denied.”

(Emphasis, mine)

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