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Purported Audio of GSIS Head Leaked; “Exploitation” of “Corrupt” Courts in GSIS-MERALCO Row Mentioned

August 26, 2008

An apparent smear operation against GSIS head Winston Garcia is afoot.

ABC-CBN NEWS ON-LINE is reporting on the emergence on the video-sharing channel YouTube of a purported audio recording of Garcia talking to someone about the corruption in the courts, and how the situation should be “exploited” to favor GSIS in its bid to revamp the management of MERALCO, the country’s largest power distributor.

The video is indicated as having been ‘posted’ on August 18 on the YouTube channel with the name ‘WagKoyaMasakit’ with Mr. Garcia’s photograph used as avatar’.

The material has a running time of 2 minutes and 12 seconds and has a fragment description that says, “Winston Garcia says to corrupt Court of Appeals.”

Garcia’s picture is flashed in the video while a transcript of the voice recording is displayed on-screen.

The ABS-CBN report by-lined by correspondent Lala Rimando adds: “We sent the transcript of the YouTube audio posting to GSIS vice-president for public affairs, Elia Valencerina, and asked her to comment. She replied through a text message that they have seen the YouTube posting but are “not dignifying” it. When asked if this means a denial, Valencerina said they are not going to make any comment.”

The report goes on to note: “the YouTube video… was uploaded on August 18, 2008, a day before the 8th day of the Supreme Court panel investigation on the CA handling of the Meralco case.”

“In the accountholder’s profile page, it says he or she is from the Philippines, is 47 years old, and joined the networking site last August 8, 2008.”

“Meralco officials confirmed to that their board meetings are always recorded. The minutes of the meeting, however, do not contain all the details and comments mentioned by the board members. But the audio recordings are kept and filed.”

Among the most significant portions of the purported recording of the GSIS chairman are these statements:
“Our courts are the most corrupt at any point in time. And I have been in practice for several years. Today, it’s worse than five years ago. It’s worst, at its worst stage. And if it’s the most corrupt right now at this stage, then Meralco can also take advantage of that. Take advantage of this misfortune of this country. If you want to survive…I think that’s to be blunt about it. It’s not a question anymore of what’s the legal issue. It’s a question of how to take advantage of this corrupt system. Your enemies, our enemies, have been taking advantage of this corrupt judicial system we have. Let’s open up our eyes.”

The emergence of the audio recording on the internet comes as PCGG Chairman Camilo Sabio admitted before a Supreme Court probe panel that he asked his brother, Court of Appeals Justice Jose Sabio Jr. to help GSIS in its battle for control of Meralco.

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