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The Bangsamoro Domain Debate: Sen. Joker Bristles, Amb. Kenny Demures

August 28, 2008

Sen. Joker Arroyo and US Ambassador Kristie Kenney are talking, in a manner of speaking.

Arroyo is bristling over Kenny’s reported presence in Kuala Lumpur last February 5 for that aborted signing of the Bangsamoro ancestral domain agreement.

Madame Kenny is denying that her country meddled in the very secretive drafting of the MoA-AD.  The lady envoy is even totally disowning any official link to the Mindanao called peace process “facilitation initiative” of the US Institute for Peace (

In fact, Kenny asserts the contract of USIP was terminated in 2005 along with Federal funding.

Assuming the affable lady envoy  IS telling the truth these questions emerge:

1. If not the Federal government which entity then funded the USIP’s activities in Mindanao after 2005?

2. Was the USIP acting on its own as it promoted the ancestral domain and First Nation paradigms?

3. If so, was the American think tank then meddling in Philippine affairs albeit with the consent of their ‘brown brothers’? (By the way these  were the same premises conceded when the  colonial Americans failed to pacify the ‘native American indians’ in the days of the “wild wild west”.)

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