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Did GRP Negotiators ‘Act Alone’ In BJE Talks???

September 6, 2008

Senator Jinggoy Estrada, his father’s son, is saying the GRP negotiators, including now Press Secretary Jesus Dureza, “should be investigated for treason” over the bungled Bangsamoro Juridical Entity deal, almost sounding like an echo of Senator Aquilino Pimentel.

Unwittingly, however, the two lawmakers may be falling into the trap of turning Messrs Rodolfo Garcia and Hermogenes Esperon as the scapegoats in the admittedly treasonous acts, while allowing somebody else to go scot free.

Did not Garcia and company act on direct instructions of their superior or would they have “usurped” the powers of the Executive knowing fully well that once the Republic’s sell-out was exposed their heads would roll?

Had the MoA-AD been signed, the Republic would have been assassinated, in a manner of speaking.

Extending the analogy, are Rodolfo Garcia, Hermogenes Esperon, and even Jesus Dureza then today’s equivalent of Rolando Galman?

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