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A MESSAGE TO MSM a.k.a Mainstream Media

September 7, 2008

All over the world giant corporations invariably have as their ‘crown jewels’ their own media platforms delivering entertainment, and news, to the mass audience.

The output, highly commercialized and dependent on their popularity with the various socio-economic market segments, are packaged as public service.

To be fair many networks, particularly in the Philippines, perform vital public service, including relief assistance during calamities.

The mainstream also, at times, are important vanguards of press freedom and serve as watchdogs against corruption in government.

But what about the MSM’s role for their corporate or even oligarchic masters?

  • Are they guardians of the public interest or of their owners business and political interests.
  • Whose AGENDA is on the table?

The video, while not directed at the Philippine media establishment, is shared here as it first appeared on LiveLeak, the same site that first showed the gruesome execution of Saddam Hussein.

Your Midfielder dos not necessarily advocate the entirety of the video but its theme is  valuable food for thought for program producers who are always aware on which side their bread is buttered.

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