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Shutting Out The Truth; Condoning Corruption

September 8, 2008

It was not entirely unexpected.

But the hearts of those “in search of the truth” in the scandalous NBN-ZTE still sank when the Supreme Court last week upheld that executive privilege is sacred and that Romulo Neri could not be forced to reveal what he and HIS President talked about in the transaction that was allegedly marked by unmoderated greed.

This is the same scandal that drove Benjamin Abalos from office as elections chief and which Joey De Venecia is now trying to capitalize on to become a congressman.

  • What of the truth? Will it ever come out?
  • Is the Supreme Court by its action now condoning Mafia-type omerta to hide corruption in the highest levels of government?
  • Are we to now see as normal Malacanang’s stonewalling and refusal to account for its actions, and conduct state affairs honestly?
  • Is it now entirely acceptable for deal-makers to corrupt public pffocials while Juan dela Cruz pays the bill on ‘tong-pats’-bloated government debts.

When the scandal first broke out and Neri revealed Abalos’ alleged “may 200-M ka dito Secretary”, the COMELEC chief was ridiculed and denounced all around.

Now it is looking like Abalos valued his honor more when the heat became unbearable.

The others are just too thick-skinned and beyond shame.

(The author acknowledges Business Morror’s editorial cartoon on the upper right frame of the montage above.)

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