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September 9, 2008

The ambitious man that he obviously is, former Jaycees leader, former Marikina mayor, and now Metro Manila Development Authority chairman Bayani Fernando has announced (actually for the second time ) that he is running for president.

We certainly cannot begrudge him for aiming for the land’s highest elective office, and to be fair, the transformation of the country’s shoe-making capital into a disciplined, clean, and progressive urban center progressive is to his credit, and that bif his lovely wife, Maridel, who is not the mayor.

We can also assume Mr. Fernando knows the responsibilities that go with high office.

But how about delicadeza and the need, nay, the obligation of officials like him not to usurp their office for personal political gain?

Not only is Mr. Fernando engaged in premature electioneering in violation of law but he has also shamelessly plastered his mug all over the national capital region and, we understand, in various other locales.

Sure Bayani gets away with pouring kerosene over the food items sold by illegal vendors, sure his tactic of shaming pedestrians and violently ordering demolitions of squatter shanties has been tolerated.

But are we seeing previews of what kind of president Mr. Fernando will be assuming that he wins?

This corner says no, it is time for Sir Bayani to be told to resign as MMDA CHAIR, AND YES, BEGIN CAMPAIGNING IF HE WANTS TO.

But not while he can usurp his office, and its resources and influence to inflict his brusque manners and adelantado political tactics on us.


  1. September 9, 2008 3:55 pm

    Yes he should resign!


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