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Restoring Order, Fighting Corruption In The Courts

September 9, 2008

The Supreme Court has just kicked out a justice of the Court of Appeals, suspended another, and admonished or reprimanded three other members of the appellate court in connection with bribery attempts that allegedly attended the case filed over the MERALCO-GSIS war.

The SC reserved it strongest action against justice Vicente Roxas, the disgraced ponente in the scandal-ridden case, dismissing him from government service because he had, under unusual circumstances, actively solicited the votes of his colleagues for his decision.

The affair has been thoroughly sordid with widespread reports of bribes running into 8 figures reportedly changing hands and even an offer of promotion to the Supreme Court to whistle-blowing justice Jose Sabio.

I leave it to the news media to deliver the details of the decision just being announced, but this afternoon’s action by the high tribunal is the most stern in recent memory, and sends a very strong signal in the battle against corruption in the judiciary.

At the very least this douses the fire that had threatened to raze the Court of Appeals.

Next on deck will be how far down the lower courts this clean-up will reach.

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