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A Justice Cries Foul, An Institution Goes Down

September 12, 2008

Dismissed Court of Appeals justice Vicente Roxas is crying politics and points to “unseen hands” as having engineered his removal.

On the other hand, embattled PCGG Chairman Camilo Sabio is putting up a brave front, with a breathtaking statement that he won’t resign even he is disbarred over his meddling in the affairs of his now suspendede brother, CA Justice Jose Sabio Junior.

Different strokes for different folks really but between the two gentlemen, the bribery scandal over the GSIS-MERALCO war may just have irreparably damaged one, if not two institutions.

By his seeming nonchalant posture despite public uproar, PCGG Chairman Sabio has placed the burden of protecting the image, and integrity of the PCGG on President Arroyo.

On Justice Roxas’s part, he has now blown the issue wide open with the revelation that puppetmasters were indeed at work in the sordid MERALCO-GSIS conflict that is rocking the very foundation of the judicial systm.

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