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GMA Warned Against One-Man Rule; ‘Premature’ Charter Change

September 13, 2008

Former defense secretary Avelino Cruz has delivered his strongest broadside yet against his former boss since leaving the Cabinet two years ago over alleged ‘policy differences’.

Mr. Cruz is now a key adviser of putative Liberal Party 2010 presidential bet, Secretary Mar Roxas whoserved under President Arroyo  as trade and industry right after the ouster of Presdident Joseph Estrada.

Equally interesting, former secretary ruz has gone back to his old law office, now the called CVC which stand for the initials of the senior partners which include another former GMA subordinate, former solicitor bgeneral Simeon Marcelo.

The statements of the former defense chief are both direct and pregnant with warning for his former boss to steer away from one-man rule and “narrow-agenda’ed charter change:

The weekend is still young so there’s been no reaction just yet from Malacanang, but when it does come in the next hours, it will either be dismissive or patently irate, with the likelihood of attorney Cruz’s comments be being labeled “uncalled for”, or worse,  “destabilizing.”

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