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Early Sparring for The 2010 Elections

September 16, 2008

Revealing his penchant, if not knowledge for poker lingo, Senator Panfilo Lacson declared he was putting his chips “all in” in his expose over Senate President Manny Villar’s double insertion of P200-M for the extension of C-5, the circumferential road that traces an alternate highway route that seeks to decongest EDSA all the way to Villar’s bailiwick in southern Metro Manila.

Mr. Lacson, of course insists he is not politicking, Villar says he has never stolen money from government, while both Senate finance committee chair Juan Pone Enrile and Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya say the insertion was either a technical error or that the double allocation would not have been released.

No blood, no foul, in a manner of speaking.

(Update: Villar now says he did seek the C5 budget insertions but for two flyovers on that road. Both flyovers lead to Las Pinas and of course his real estate housing properties. So much for a ‘senator of the realm’ focused on narrowly local concerns.)

You midfielder bets that after all the headlines and soundbites are expended, Lacson and Villar will kiss and make up, having both gained political mileage from their early sparring for the 2010 elections.

Guess who’s amused by all these.

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  1. September 17, 2008 8:50 am

    Our politics is more than depressing. It’s downright demoralizing.

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