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Made In China: Plastic Milk!!!???

September 23, 2008

The reports began as somewhat irritating, with new possible black propaganda targeting the world’s economic mandarin, China, being force to recall a limited batch of tetra-brick packed yogurt and milk products found to have traces of melamine, a plastics resin chemical used in making hard plastic dinnerware sets and other ‘food-grade’ kitchen utensils.

But hey, now this is serious: findings that milk and yogurt produc makers in China have been deliberately using melamine as extender, as an additive to make it look like their products have more ‘creaminess’, that they have illusion being rich in protein!!!

There is a joke that most anything is made in China these days, thanks to globalization and that country’s cellar-level labor costs.

But plastic milk!!!????

This is much too much.

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