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GMA Off The Hook In Botched Bangsamoro Ancestral Domain MOA?

September 25, 2008

The joint ABS-CBN News Online and Newsbreak website is reporting that the Supreme Court is “poised” to dismiss the petitions seeking that the canceled Memorandum of Agreement  that intended to carve oyt a separately sovereign Bangsamoro Juridical Entity in Mindanao even bigger than the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao be declared unconstitutional.

So it looks like the high court, dominated by appointees of President Arroyo, will get her off the hook for an act constituting a violation of her oath of office.

This will dash the hopes of those in the political opposition and other citizens itching to file a new impeachment case against Mrs. Arroyo when the one year period from the previous case lapses next month.

We can almost hear the congratulatory backslapping among the members of the presidential legal team which sold the argument that since the MoA-AD was only initialed and not signed, there was no undertaking that violated the Constitution.

It may indeed be that the chief executive will be able to pull another Houdini.

But what will not be erased by the Supreme Court’s expected decision is the reality that the intent to allow the Republic’s dismemberment had been attempted.

It will be for history to render its judgment when the time comes.

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    Double GRRRRR!

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