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The Bans on Abortion and Divorce Are Anti Poor

September 29, 2008

Prostitution is cliché-ishly called the oldest profession in the world but surely it is promiscuity which predates the flesh trade.

I point this out in the context of the raging, albeit, replayed debate over abortion and how the controversial reproductive health bill is bannered by progressives as the need of the times given the Philippines’ exploding population.

There is also the very aggressive advertising of the use of condoms, withe the funding coming from manufacturers and entities like international planned parenthood groups active in the Third World.

The advertising push focuses on the macho component of being sexually active but practicing ‘safe sex’.

Understandably the Catholic Church is at the forefront of the assault, lambasting the reproductive health measure as pro-abortion and an attack on the moral foundations of “the only Catholic nation in Asia.”

But your Midfieder dares say that at no other time should the Philippines now discard this slavish adherence to dogma and rescue millions of Filipinas from the bondage of marriage and the ban of abortion.

Both conditions are ANTI-POOR and a clear and present danger to women who will any way go to abortionists or take dangerous abortifacient concoctions to get rid of unwanted pregnancies.

Legalizing abortion and divorce will give genuine primacy to FREEDOM OF CHOICE, while setting strict, very strict parameters on how abortions can be performed and by whom.

The reforms will also give equal protection of the law to women, and men, imprisoned in failed marriages with their children caught in the cross-fire.

As things stand, only those who can afford expensive annulment proceedings can free themselves from destructive marital bondage with estranged partners become consigned to lives of misery and illicit relationships.

These problems fester while we witness news of criminally aborted fetuses being thrown in esteros, dumped in shoe boxes and minors ‘discarded’ by their parents roaming the streets as beggars and juvenile prostitutes preyed upon by crime gangs and purveyors of filth and moral degradation in honky-tonk joints and brothels disguised as spas and massage parlors.

The other face of this situation is the utter failure of both the government and the Church to help women in distress.

In Baguio for example, a recent report said health authorities are worried about the rise in AIDS because more and more young school-age women resort to ‘prosti-tution’ to get through school.

The snapshot is the same in such other urban cities as Cebu, Bacolod, Ioilo, Davao and General Santos.

The Church can muster all its influence in the current battle in Congress, and may win.

It is the responsibility of the State to give our people freedom of choice while giving them protection under the law.

Eliminate the anti poor bans on abortion and divorce now.

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