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A BBC Comedy Slurs Filipina Housemaids: Should RP Protest?

October 7, 2008

The blogosphere is filled with it. For four days running, Filipinos, and Asians sympathetic to Filipino sensibilities have been roundly denpuncing the 4ths episode of a new sit-com on BBC television which, by the episode’s very title, already delivers a most unfair estimation some Brits, with their legendary snottiness, have for Filipino house helpers, many of them Filipinas.

“Mating a Northerner with A Filipina Maid” pretty much says it, and the offending clip, running all of 57 seconds portrays a Filipina maid being directed to gyrate seductively to try to arouse her master’s friend, pictured as impotent and unresponsive.

But a truly galling line in the clip has the Brit ordering hi friend to “mount her, you bugger, with the maid being asked to “offer your rear!”

Not since two US tv shows, Desperate Housewives and The Daily Show, slurred Filipino doctors and former president Cory Aquino, have Filipinos come under such degrading reference, in most graphic manner.

Will our government sit quietly at all this or will the stiff-upper-lipped British envoy be called to the DFA for a thorough dressing down?

Latest reports say the UK embassy has issued a statement expressing regret but not apology has issueed from the BBC itself.

The show’s producers are probabyt just having a good laugh over this episode, but from wherere this writer sits, the BBC has dishonored not Filipipnas, but itself.


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