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The BBC SitCom Slur on Filipina Maids: Who Will Blink First

October 9, 2008

Running true to form, the British embassy in Manila is keeping a stiff upper lip in the controversy over the perceived racial slur leveled at Filipinas by the BBC sitcom Harry and Paul.Malacanang today said it would not accept the refusal of the embassy to issue an apology.

But British envoy Peter Beckingham is quoted as maintaining the official line that there is nothing to apologize fror as the BBC has full editorial independence and it is not the embassy’s place to say sorry for the state-run media institution.

Press Secretary Jesus Dureza had strong words but went short of saying a formal diplomatic protest would be filed or if the diplomatiff would escalate and to what point.

This surely bears watching given that relations between Manila and London have been mostly uneventful through the years.

For the moment, Malacanang appears to be playing its PR card well, given the other ongoing controversy: the grant of executive clemency to convicted double murderer ClaudioTeehankee Jr.

Let’s see how far it is willing to push the envelop in upholding Philippine dignity in this episode.

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