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The Stillborn Impeachment Case

October 11, 2008

The detractors of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, principled or otherwise, are making a big show this weekend of filing yet another impeachment case against the chief executive, citing as basis a plethora of issues ranging from the ZTE-NBN bribery deal to the botched Bangsamoro Juridical Entity MoA.

But from where your Midfielder sits, this case is still-born, much like an unborn fetus poisoned with melamine and abortifacient conconctions

To be blunt, this past week’s coffee shop talks have all prognosticated that apart from the customary headlines, nothing much will come out of the gesture, with Mrs. Arroyo’s loyalists in Congress certain to shoot down the complaint after duly noting it.

Malacanang’s spinmeisters are on the nose as they dismiss the individuals trumpeting the impeachment case as having all-too-obvious personal  political agendas with their hands all unclean or held by puppet masters hiding in dark allies.

Joey de Venecia for one is still really just his father’s son, having proudly tagged Mrs. Arroyo as “my president” in the not-too-distant past, and his own fixer-character evident in the leaked conversations with whistle-blower J-Lo who. by his own admission, wheeled-and-deals during his stint at the Philippine Forest Corporation. As for the elder JDV, it will probably take another lifetime before his political capital and credibility with Filipinos is replenished.

So what do we really have?

There are absolutely valid issues representing the president’s possible culpable violation of her oath of office but with the cases now tainted with melamine, in a manner of speaking.

To top it off, the reality is that the public, tired with all the political posturings of wannabees and wash-outs, have largely conceded the point that Mrs. Arroyo has a firm hold on power through to 2010 and any political adventurism outside of the Constitution will not be condoned.

For the moment, methinks the issue of real import is us fighting to uphold the dignity of our women which that BBC sitcom trampled on and for the oil find in Palawan to be fully exploited for national benefit in the years to come.

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