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Entertainment-cum-Politics, Philippine-Style

October 12, 2008

It is not enough that we have the daily noon-time shows and the mindless prime-time evening comedies and game shows.

Now competing for the entertainment ratings is the latest Moro-moro: the ‘new’ impeachment case against Mrs. Gloria MacapagaL-Arroyo.

And added as an absent co-star is the first ever lady secretary-general of Congress.

I’ll spare you the agony of having to note down her name.

Suffice it to say that yesterday her office was closed as she convenient went on an official trip to Switzerland, leaving the hapless im[peachment complaint filers, whose names I also feel are not worth mentioning, to cool their heels till tomorrow when the appointment of Sec-Gen’s s substitute will take effect, “empowering” her to take on the purely clerical task of receiving the impeachment case.

After which  that the next act in the farce will play out with administration lawmakers expected to junk the case which is expected anyway to be neutered by the time the version gets to be referred to the proper committee.

A side show may also ensue with Oliver Lozano playing patintero with Joey de Venecia and company.

How’s that for entertainment which even master showman Tito German Moreno can’t top?

And guess where the loudest applause will be coming from.

The Palace by the Pasig?

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