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Upholding Law’s Majesty, Slapping The Executive

October 15, 2008

The Supreme Court is derided by not a few as being in Malacanang’s pocket, but this time in a breathtaking decision, 8-7, the Reynato Puno Court struck down the totally unlamented abomination that was the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity Memorandum of Agreement.

In doing so, it delivered a stinging rebuke to the Executive, castigating her peace adviser sternly but stopping short of saying that there was a culpable violation of the sacred presidential oath of office.

The serious question  now is what charges will issue against Hermogenes Esperon and company as the scapegoats in this dark enterprise, or if the chief executive herself will be held to account for the acts of her alter-egos.

Will Malacanang be able to fully distance Esperon’s “abuse of discretion” as separate from willful presidential action?

We will all have to closely watch if these developments will factor at all in the newly filed impeachment case given the administration solons’ overwhelming superiority in numbers or will the SC decision awaken patriotism and cause enough numbers to abandon ship.

This is the rubicon they now are challenged to cross.

Here’s the full decision:

The Supreme Court Decision on The MOA-AD

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