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The Dissenters In The MoA-AD Decision

October 16, 2008

It was an 8-7 majority vote by the Supreme Court that declared the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity deal unconstitutional.

The one vote margin points to the high tribunal being split right down the middle with Chief Justice Reynato Puno casting the swing vote.

You can guess correctly that the dissenters took hook, line, and sinker the premise of Malacanang that since it had beaten a retreat on the widely denounced MoA-AD, there was nothing to be declared in violation of the fundamental law.

In barber shops and kapihans the dissenters are referred to in the most uncharitable terms: lap dogs and lackeys of the appointing power.

One thing to its credit, Malacanang is saying it will not appeal the decision.

Your Midfielder can almost detect that despite its last-minute quarterbacking at the Supreme Court’s several marathon en banc sessions, Malacanang was not really all too surprised at the outcome.

Remember this corner’s thesis early on that the way the MoA-AD was crafted absent proper consultations and founded on the American First Nation paradigm, IT WAS AN AGREEMENT THAT WAS DESIGNED TO FAIL?

And so this dark chapter where the Republic’s dismemberment was plotted now ends, with the MILF refusing to restart peace talks with the administration whose hold power lapses in 2010.

For the record, here’s a snapshot of two of the 7 dissenting votes in the consignment of the MoA-AD to the dustbin of history:

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