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A Culture of Callousness

October 18, 2008

The national police hierarchy is said to be “smarting” from criticism over the discovery that police generals have, apparently, been routinely gong on training trips abroad with handsome allowances in their pockets (denominated in Euros even) to the tune of up to $467 in per diems (that’s PhP 22,416 per day).

Lamely we are being told that given the expensive hotel rates in such scenic destinations as Russia it cannot be helped that Juan dela Cruz must cough up taxpayers’ money to fund the police generals’ study trips, all the better to make them superb crime-busters.

Bull. Won’t our police generals be better educated if we send them back to pound the streets to battle the crime syndicates rather than cavort with Russsian ‘ladies of the night’?

But that’s probably asking too much of our police brass accustomed to having errand boys at their beck and call and non-auditable intelligence kitties to spend on most anything under the Philippine sun. They must even feel entitled to such ‘perks’ given that elsewhere in our society a seeming culture of callousness has crept in.

Callousness to poverty, callousness to crime both petty and heinous, callousness to corruption, callousness to suffering of our fellowman.

And in the face all these what are we witness to?

Police top brass all spic and span flying off to tourist destinations abroad to ‘train’. By the way, NBI agents going on those same Interpol trips make do with a daily allowance of $ 171.

Update: A statement from Camp Crame Saturday admitted that even certain police generals’ wive have gone on the trips to Russia but on invitation also from the Interpol with the civilian spouses paying their own way.

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