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Will Emergency Rule Come?

October 21, 2008

Hunger is spreading. This is being reported in an alarming tone by the World Food Program that as many as 3 million nFilipinos are starving. This is also in a new survey by the respected Social Weather Stations.

The government i insisting that its “hunger mitigation” program is proceeding apace with charity feeding activities for young kids in public schools, rice dole-outs and cheap albeit lower quality varieties of the stable grain being brought around barangays in low income communities.

This scenario runs side by side with the reports on the growing trade deficit, tthe global financial crisis affecting local banks, and the resulting belt-tightening of local companies resulting in more Filipino losing jobs as overseas Filipino workers (with the money they send back as our econlifeline) also facing the prospect of joblessness.

A kneejerk criticism would be os some and militants will be to slam the government of the day for failing to do enough. It surely has its hands full fighting the war in Mindanao with the effort further draining its limited resources and the prospect of the internal refugee situation there worsening before abating.

Predictably the reaction of government spokesmen would range from earnest assurances that government agencies will do better (with more resources being made available) to assertions that “government detractors have their own narrow political agendas and are trying to fuel discord to destabilize the government.”

A third aspect here would be how other Filipinos grown weary of the festering, and growing, divisions in the national body politic and the seeming hopelessness to vote with their feet and try at great personal sacrifice to find another country to sink roots in and live another life.

Those who do decide to stay or have no other option but to stay will continue to scrape out a living in hand to mouth fashion. Those on the fringes wanting to actuate their socio-political beliefs that the current social dispensation must be changed by force will go to the hills.

This is the reality of national life.

Then we must ask :

Why is it then that with all the challenges on its plate (the war, corruption, poverty, and over all public mistrust) there is now the admission from certain elements claiming strong connections if not actual ranking stature that the “UNSTOPPABLE” and true objective of charter change is to assure GMA’S atay in power for ten more years beyond the constitutionally mandated expiration of the chief executive’s term in 2010?

Has our experience with Ferdinand Marcos not ingrained the lesson that absolute power corrupts absolutely? If the charter change card fails, will the trump card of emergency rule be dealt?

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The so called ‘High Priest’ has beaten a retreat:

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