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RP’s Top Euro-General Says “I Am Sorry”

October 23, 2008

There were no brass bands to welcome the retired comptroller of the national police on his homecoming from “expensive” Russia plus a week-long side trip to Singapore.

But the news media surely made director Eliseo dela Paz feel welcome, the better to give him the opportunity to say sorry “apologize to the Filipino people for my lapse in judgment, my misstep.”

Now why does that sound familiar?

But as Dela Paz professed that he did nothing illegal and that he was only making sure the PNP delegation, and their wives were well provided for, he failed to really explain away the obvious profligacy that their Russian adventure put on display.

A callous culture as this writer noted in a previous post.

But you can take wagers that after the Senate inquiry “in aid of legislation” makes the customary headlines and the PNP bosses absorb a tongue-lashing from you know who, this issue will simply die down and soon forgotten with no real lasting remedial action.

All still part of the culture of callousness.

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