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What Are JDV and JDV Up To?

October 27, 2008

The event-maker that he is, recently unseated House Speaker, Pangasinan congressman Jose De Venecia, Jr. picked the weekend do stage what to his mind was his act of ‘crossing the Rubicon’: announcing that he was ready to now endorse the new impeachment case against his erstwhile ally and 1998 running mate, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

JDV even offered as ‘icing’ the declaration that he is ready to testify about the impeachable crimes of Mrs. Arroyo.

Most concede that the impeachment case has no chance to prosper given the superior numbers of administration lawmakers despite the validity of the issues being raised.

But there are those who also believe passionately that av tipping point can still be reached.

So what are the two JDVs up to?

Why has it taken this long for the elder De Venecia to have an epiphany that the sitting president should be removed from office throughn impeachment?

What revelations are he ready to make and how much credence will these be given.

For the longest time, many Filipinos have felt that JDV, given his trapo image and track record, stands only on one platform: JDV for JDV.

Today with his namesake by his side will JDV be any more believable?

I’ll take bets, Both JDVs are simply eyeing 2010.

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