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Siopao Ala Joc Joc: Asado Or Bola-bola

October 28, 2008

Former agriculture undersecretary Jocelyn ‘Joc Joc’ Bolante, the accused ‘main operator’ in the PhP728-M fertilizer fund scam is coming home later today aboard a Northwest Airlines flight after being denied asylum in the US.

That asylum denial was primarily triggered by the fact that in 2005, Bolante was tagged as a fugitive from the law with an arrest order issued against him by the Sebate.

His lawyer and Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales both insist the arrest order no longer exists since the Senate’s fertilizer scam probe had been completed, with Gonzales adding the assertion that the since Senate is “not a continuing body,” Bolante is free.

But late yesterday afternoon Senate President Manny Villar directed the chamber’s sergeant at arms to collar Bolante upon his arrival, a move supported by former Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr. who led the 2005 probe.

So now, (minus any yellow ribbons) private citizen Joc Joc’s arrival is most awaited by NBI agents sent by Secretary Gonzales as his security detail and with a Senate posse waiting to arrest him.

So what siopao will Bolante have with him?

Asado with pork asado revealing the truth behind the fertilzer scam or bola-bola as in cholesterol-laden cover-up lies?

By the way, don’t forget his old buddies from a star-studded Rotary Club in Makati are also waiting to host a fellowship meeting for him, what better to reminisce the good ol’ days.

So will it be asado or bola-bola, or just jokes Joc Joc?

(Pun intended)

Update: Mr. Bolante is said to be taking the Northwest Airlines flight arriving in Manila at 11:55 this evening but at least one report early this afternoon is saying Joc Joc is not aboard the Manila-bound plane while a third quoting the NAIA chief says the subject is aboard NW flight 71. Bolante’s lawyer now wants the Supreme Court to issue a TRO Cagainst the Senate arrest order, with Bolante supposedly arriving on the 31st. Confusing reports coincidental you think?

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