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Joc Joc ‘Places’ Himself Under Hospital Arrest

October 30, 2008

This episode with fertilizer fund scam ‘architect’ enjoying the All Souls’ Day weekend in a spacious hospital suite practically validates what a foreigner friend once asked me: “Why is it that here in the Philippines your laws seem to be optional, from traffic regulations all the way to various anomalies and scams which, after hugging the headlines, are easily forgotten?”

Then he added: “Without meaning to offend you, my friend, but it seems here in your country the definition of ‘legal’ is what people, specially high government officials, can get away with?”.

And now in Bolante’s case, while he is technically under arrest on the basis of a warrant from the Philippine Senate, he has effectively dictated the terms of his ‘detention’ by  lolling the time away in a 5-star hospital suite

What travesty of law this situation spotlights!

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