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President-Elect Obama And The Pinoy

November 5, 2008


The mainstrean and internet media in the US are calling it early.

Based on completed tallies and exit surveys, Barack Omana has made history, becoming America’s first black president.

If you are going to believe the extreme black propagand thrown at him, Barack does not deserve to go to the Oval Office.

But destiny rules the day, so now the hard work begins for him to fully flesh out his motherhood pronouncements.

Foreign policy is not one of his strong suits and Indonesia is his main grounding about our part of the world.

For Filipinos, we will now to see whether having a Filipina as his main consultant of Asia Pacific issues will benefit us and lead to Obama revisiting his position against the Filipino USAFFE veterans equity bill and other issues, not least of them how the war on terror is being carried out here.

Pres. Obama is certain to receive a barrage of invitations to visit Asia, and the Philippines may not be high on that list as yet outside of any sudden upheaval here.

But there are ip to 3 million Filipinoa in the US so their voices will eventually have to gain Mr. Obama’s ear.

For now, we’ll have really keep our house in order. IN REAL ORDER

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