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The Barack Obama Mandate & Message To The World

November 5, 2008


In some 72 days Barack Hussein Obama is taking offiice as 44th president of the United States.

Winning by a landslide today over his Republican rival, Senator John McCain (the annointed of outgoing and extremely unpopular George W. Bush),  the junior senator from Illinois vowed to heal America of its political and racial divions and nurse the ailing economy back to good health.

In his campaign platform the 47-year old Obama outlined a program promising huge tax cuts for Americans, universal health care, the creation of millions of new jobs, and the reveral of the tendency of American firms to outsource jobs overseas where the labor cost is cheaper.

So Thi rd World countrues like the Philippines were intently listening as Mr. Obama delivered his victory speech todaym watching for hints of the shape and form of the new White House occpant’s foreign policy.

Judging by his broad strokes, the president-elect will continuevto implement America’s war on terror and its long-held role of the free world’s policeman.

The next months, and years. will show how Mr. Obama will calibrate that role.

If it’s any indication, the new US president obviously shuns dealing with extremely unpopular leaders and will not brook styles of governance that are anathema to America’s democratic ideals of upholding human rights, free enterprise and ensuring equal opportunity  for all.

Read that to mean the condemnation of corruption in government, authoritarian rule and the manipulation of the rule of law to favor cronies and power-hungry leaders and their cohorts.

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