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Fighting ‘Destabilization’; Playing The 2010 Card

November 8, 2008


The metro is abuzz with talk about a ‘dark brew’ set to be served any time soon.

This while others are waiting, and watching, if the charter change resolution will be reported out of committee for second reading on the 10th of November as ‘scheduled’ by Speaker Prospero Nograles for ‘railroading’.

During the past several days quiet backroom meetings have been in progress along with text message exchanges between various ‘like-minded’ groups itching for change.

Malacanang has been quick to ‘float’ the so-called ‘raw intelligence’ about a “new destabilization plot” being hatched.

So it may not really be a surprise as the Palace has pooh-poohed the Social Weather Stations’ 3rd quarter survey of presidential ‘probables’ in 2010, Presidential Management Staff boss Cerge Remonde (an  old friend of your Midfielder from our MSM days) has released a short list of five ‘presidential timbers’: Vice President Noli De Castro, Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro, Senator Richard Gordon, Metro Manila Development Authority chairman Bayani Fernando, and Quezon Ciry Mayor Feliciano Belmonte.

This listing is obviously aimed at making the wannabees  salivate and look hard at their options anew and alert their ‘operators’ and supporters.

“Hey guys, rev up your networks and machineries, you just might become the ‘anointed one’,” Malacanang, through Remonde, seems to be saying

Veep Noli is hands down sure to run, secretary Teodoro will likely demure given that he has the ‘youth advantage (meaning he can wait his turn apart from assessing his own links with ‘Boss’ Danding Cojuangco), while Gordon, currently head of the national red cross has been going around the country sounding out his backers.

The last two gentlemen short-listed by Malacanang are in contrasting situations: Fernando is shamelessly peddling his mug everywhere in a blantant display of presidential ambition while the well liked mayor Belmonte, executive vice president of Lakas party, has been thinking of going back to reclaim his congressional seat in the 4th district of QC (with city pundits seeing this as a route to the speakership.

So who among the 5 will be ‘anointed’ or smacked with a ‘kiss of death’ given the unpopularity of the incumbent.

This early those in the opposition are comparing the administration to the Republicans who sustained a massive drubbing in the US elections from the Obama-led Democratic Party juggernaut.

What do all these amount to?

With the public mind suddenly being refocused on 2010, the hope of Palace operators is that they will douse the flames of any ‘plot’ to give Joey Salceda’s “luckiest B” a sudden exit.

And for the ‘Five Probables’ will it be ‘anointment’ or kiss of death?

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