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Will “Truth-Telling” Cure Joc Joc’s Ills?

November 8, 2008

Former agriculture secretary Jocelyn ‘Joc Joc’ Bolante is getting the best medical attention money can buy here in the Philippines well into the second week of his confinement-cum-hospital arrest at St. Luke’s Medical Center.

However any improvement of Bolante health, unless he tells the truth may yet prove to be inversely proportional to the social stress that his continued ‘inability’ to testify about the P728-M fertilizer fund scam is causing.

There’s even good news for Bolante: his being cleared of graft charges in the other case involving millions of pesos in overpriced fertilizers in 2003.

That anomaly’s expose by crusading journalist Marilyn Esperat is widely believed to have led to her murder.

Now with Bolante being reported to have a mix of hypertension, narrowed heart areries, a sleep disorder, severe peptic ulcer and other contions. a militant group of medical professionals has issued their own prescription for Bolante:

bolante-rx1You can expect Bolante’s handlers to dismiss the ‘prescription’ for him to tell the truth as a stunt.

Bur the reality is with daily protests being held outside St. Luke’s over the apparent VIP coddling he’s been getting, more and more people are wondering what this episode is doing to the public image of the medical institution.

This writer has been a ‘tenant’ of SLMC twice before and its professionalism and expertise are, in my book, without equal.

It is sad, however, that it has been dragged into the controversy as a willing participant as it adheres to the Hippocratic oath in letter and spirit.

I am hoping for everyone’s sake that this chapter finds closure soon.

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