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A New Plot To Overthrow GMA?

November 11, 2008

gma-sundalo-montage1This post’s title almost begs the question given that throughout her presidency, it seems Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has been successfully staring down attempts to unseat her.

Given the unorthodox, many think fraudulent, way that she ascended the land’s highest office her detractors probably say she has been bringing those problems upon herself.

The string of scandals and anomalies have been the ‘branding’ of her regime, with the government sadly perceived sadly as stubbornly refusing to come clean with the people and just dismissing the charges as “political noise” or “the handiwork of destabilizers out to grab power.

Now for the Nth time a plot is supposedly in play with even the surprise mass late last week in Malacanang being interpreted by political pundits as both a smokescreen and maneuver to consolidate support from political loyalists and churchmen.

Against this backdrop, Mrs. Arroyo has just gone off to New York for a United Nations interfaith dialogue just days before the delayed but impatiently awaited ‘tell all’ appearance of alleged fertilizer fund scam ‘architect’ Joc Joc Bolante.

So Filipinos are in a quandary.

Is the coup threat fizzling out or is it just a bogey?

Or is GMA just leaving it to God to decide her fate?

P.S.: The chief executive in due back in Manila by the end of the week.

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