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Out of Sight But In His Heart: Joc Joc On GMA

November 13, 2008


This first day of Joc Joc Bolante’s stint in the Senate proved to be full of evasive answers and assertions that his life was in danger, with unmentioned parties having put “a bounty on me.”

Aside from directly shielding President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo from suspicion of direct involvement in the fertilizer fund anomaly,  Bolante also washed his hands of directly implementing the alleged scam.

The former agriculture undersecretary simply insisted that his office staff “just put together the list of congressmen and local officials who had submitted requests for funds but I had no involvement in how they used the disbursements, with the DA field units doing the coordination.”

As Bolante was testifying that “Arroyo did not have to approve the fund releases since they were part of the Department of Agriculkture’s budgetary savings in 2003,” Mrs. Arroyo was in far away New York talking before a UN inter-faith dialogue.

Out of sight but surely in his heart, in a manner of speaking.

The message from protesters outside the Senate was pretty clear, as clear as Bolante’s own message that he will take all the blame if necessary, and will not drag the names of his superiors in the scam.

Never mind if the heavens fall.

Asa pa tayo!

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