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The Many Faces of Joc Joc Bolante

November 16, 2008


So the once high flying Undersecretary of Agriculture and founding president Rotary Paranaque South is in his elements, having spent a quiet weekend with his familly at their comfortable digs in Ayala Alabang and conforted by Malacanang’s “fulsome appreciation” of his having absolved the incumbent chief executive from any direct involvement in the fertilizer fund scam.

He’s even starting the week with another rest day since his next grilling date, this time before the House Committee on Agriculture is set for Tuesday yet.

Judging by the way Bolante ran circles around the senators last week with his all-too-respectful demeanor, he has every reason to put on a confidently and brave face.

Indeed Bolante has shown versality in the faces he’s worn since October 28, almost looking bewildered and lost until emerging from 16 days of tender loving medical care from St. Luke’s Medical Center a ‘new man’, regaining the recognizeable mug even looking fitter and in ‘fighting form’.

Backroom maneuvers are also continuing to ensure that the ‘script’ will be followed, with most evetyone waiting as well for how the Office of the Ombudsman will handle its own long-delayed appreciation of some 3,000 pages of documentary evidence amassed during the 2005 congressional investigation.

Apart from his obvious confidence, Mr. Bolante also still has other protective cards up his sleeve, not least on them his option to just clam up and assert his right against self incrimination.

There are no indications yet of him blinking, despite having all but confirmed that the scam which stole P728-M from Filipino farmers was a syndicate-run operation.

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