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Storming Heaven’s Gate, Malacanang-Style

November 18, 2008

The Cabinet convened for its regular weekly meeting today just as the House Committee on Justice began  assessing the 4th impeachment complaint against the President.

Word just in is that the complaint has been found “sufficient in form.”

The tricky part now is when the complaint is sent to plenary, assuming it is not killed for insufficiency in substance at committee level

There’s also no sign yet if the complaint in intervention filed by noted columnist and TV host Manuel ‘Manolo’ Quezon III and bloggers will be endorsed by at least one of the minority congressmen .

MLQ3 and company are asking that the articles of impeachment include the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity MoA-AD since the Supreme Court found the initialed agreement unconstitutional.

In his invocation at the start of the Cabinet meeting, Secretary Dureza intoned a curious aspiration:

Even President Arroyo is being described in internet news sites as having been taken aback by Dureza’s remark::

dureza-and-gma-quotesBut you cannot expect such a story to be embargoed or self-censored.

This writer recalls that just weeks ago a commenter over at who claimed to be a  ranking lawyer with direct links to the Palace revealed that they “wanted a 10-year term extension for GMA beyond 2010.”

We cannot but see the two statements in a disturbingly revealing light despite Malacanang’s earlier avowals that GMA is leaving office when her term expires.

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