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Prayers and a ‘Tunnel-Visioned’ Nation

November 19, 2008


Press Secretary Jesus Dureza, the concurrent presidential spokesman, is the talk of the town over his opening prayer at yesterday’s Cabinet meeting.

But is the message-bearer really to blame or shouldn’t we be thanking him for his slip-of-the- tongue?

That moment of accidental candor simply exposed what the people in the President’s inner circle have been talking about, nay, plotting for months.

The railroad to charter change and term extension is clear.

This with the forthcoming near-total domination of the Supreme Court by appointees of the incumbent and junking of Impeachment Case #4, the rejection of the complaint in intervention to add the failed MoA-AD to the crimes imputed against President Arroyo, and the installation of an aging but wily ally as Senate president

Having ‘tunnel-visioned’ the nation toward 2010 and the ‘Joc Joc Bolante and Euro-Generals sideshows topping the TV ratings, Filipinos aware of the term extension plot are just shaking their heads in desperation.

Secretary Dureza is now probably muttering that prayers do get answered with US President-elect Barack Obama finally returning the congratulatory phone call Mrs. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo made weeks ago.

So you can safely say Malacanang is in a celebratory mood.

What not too many people are mindful of is the worsening conflict in Mindanao, as exemplified by the overnight reports about 21 more fatalities in the fighting between the military and Moro rebels.

The storm clouds hanging over the nation will hardly be remedied by prayers.

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