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Calling Barack Obama: Seamen At The Mercy Of Pirates

November 20, 2008

Able-bodied Filipino seamen are the world’s crewmen of choice and it now almost a daily occurrence that they are reported among those held captive whenever Somali pirates strike.

It is sad testimony that the world’s commercial sea lanes have become the hunting ground of pirates in these most modern of times.

Equally distressing, the United Nations appears unable to galvanize international action to eliminate what has become a high stakes ‘industry’.

The other day, Indian authorities acting on their own were said to have sunk and destroyed the Somali pirates’ ‘mother ship’.

But scores of seamen of various nationalities, 134 Filipinos among them, are still being held hostage. somali-pirates-montage1While most have been described as well treated by the pirates, that situation may change once more decisive action is taken to obtain their release without shipowners paying ransom.

This is a clicking time bomb with humans as pawns.

No time should be lost with the formation, and activation of a much=needed multinational naval police force to bring back calm to the world’s troubled seas.

Could someone like incoming US President Barack Obama take a lead here, given his African heritage?

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