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How And Why The PNP Euro-Generals Were Caught

November 20, 2008


The Philippine National Police top brass are closetting thsemselves in an executive session with the congressional committee investigating the Euro-Generals scandal as your Midfielder writes this.

Details filtering in from my sources in Malacanang and Camp Crame reveal how and why Russians customs police were tippedf off on the huge amount of Euros in the hands of then newly-retired PNP comptroller Eliseo Dela Paz.

It turns out that certain members of the PNP delegation to that INTERPOL  meeting in St. Petersburg “were surveiled as having goitten in contact with the Russian underground,” the Mafia.

Their aim: to buy surveillance gear plus arms – the AK-47 variety and accessories from the ‘grey market’!

Miffed that they “were being cut out of the transaction,” the police-connected gunrunners blew the whistle on the Filipino policemen.

As icing on the cake, when the PNP delegation was exiting from Russia with the unspent Euros apparently saved as ealy Christmas self-bonuses, the chest-thumping Russian customs police confiscated the equivalent of 3,000 to 5,000 dollars in Euros to  supposedly “cover the hold-over hotel expenses” of the detained Philippine delegation.

See where greed gets people. Not to mention tryinng to deal with netherworld charascters in a foreign land.

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