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Theatrics and Partying While Rigging Our Destiny

November 21, 2008

As birthday parties go, seldom are state affairs the focus of discussions specially momentous changes that affect the nation’s future

But history will now record that the November 15, 2008 natal day of Leyte 1st District congressman Ferdinand Martin Romualdez all but sealed the Marcosian path Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her cabal are taking towards changing the 1986 Constitution and maneuvering the amendments to effectively scuttle the 2010 elections.

This is one occasion when we hope the usually reliable sources of the anti-administration newspaper Daily Tribune are wrong.

But even the Philippine Star is reporting that the charter change resolution is just 15 votes shy of the required three-fourth votes of the House of Representatives to pass.

Malacanang owes a debt of gratitude to congressman Romualdez, son of former Ambassador Benjamin ‘Kokoy’ Romualdez and favorite brother of the ‘Imeldific’.

In radio commentaries this morning, the Cornell-educated Romualdez was the logical topic along woith the Cha-cha train.

But we are sure the young solon is not worried.


Up to 80 solons attended the younger Romualdez’s party-cum-political caucus at his home in Makati’s plush Forbes Park Village.

This scenario is coming to pass despite new survey findings that 3 in 4 Filipinos are against charter change.

Talk about our congressmen holding the pulse of their constituents.

And if the news reports are correct, it is not only the nephew of Mrs. Imelda Romualdez Marcos who is pushing the charter train in but also the eldest son of the incumbent, Representative ‘Mikey’ Arroyo who is said to be passing around a similar draft charter change resolution.

So even as Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita urged Filipinos just yesterday to believe President Arroyo when she says she will leave office in 2010, activities of her congressional allies and frequent travel companions betray their true intent.

Press Secretary Jesus Dureza’s theatrical prayer is being answered quicker than he expected but by different gods.

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